President's Message

May 27, 2021

A key core value of CREW Greater Philadelphia is networking and building business for our members and their companies. Reflecting on the first 5 months of 2021 where we continued to be restricted because of the pandemic, our chapter and its members have continued to benefit from the opportunity to connect, grow and support each other. 

This month, and upcoming in June, the programming that we provided to our members and guests have included more opportunities to meet and connect in person in a socially distant and safe manner. Each event is different but central to the gatherings is building lasting relationships that in turn build our members and their business.

And creating opportunities for member-to-member business through CREW’s multidisciplinary membership is at the cornerstone of CREW Network and CREW GP. There are multiple tools to facilitate member to member business in CREW. The obvious is through sharing business leads and seeking out support from fellow CREW members. Remembering to “ALWAYS THINK CREW FIRST”. 

At a regional and national level, all CREW GP members have access to CREWbiz, one of the most valuable CREW Network member benefits which keeps you connected with fellow CREW members and other qualified CRE professionals across the globe to exchange resources, business leads, and expertise. In fact, in 2020, nearly 10,000 CREW Network members used CREWbiz more than 80,000 times to find business leads, COVID-19 resources, and new career opportunities. 72% of members have given a referral to another member in the last 12 months and 54% of members reported receiving a referral from another member in the last 12 months.

Recently, at our members only Hyatt Centric Philadelphia tour, CREW GP sponsors, Clemens Construction, Becker & Frondorf, and The Harmon Group shared a project that leveraged relationships formed by CREW GP members. While the members working at sponsor companies may or may not have worked directly on the project, our members made introductions and recommended member firms for the project. Would that have happened if they did not have a relationship with someone at one of our member’s firms. Maybe? But the opportunity to “ALWAYS THINK CREW FIRST” was evident on the deal.

So, within our chapter I encourage each of you, as you begin to renew relationships that quieted down during the pandemic and form new ones, to always “THINK CREW FIRST”. Imagine the impact you will make on each other’s careers, the enhanced value to your company because of your CREW membership and the advancement of your business in commercial real estate. And you will likely feel good about it too!

Happy Memorial Day.

Carol Horne Penn
2021 CREW Greater Philadelphia President