President's Message

March 24, 2021

CREW Greater Philadelphia Members and Sponsors,

CREW Greater Philadelphia was founded in 1984. CREW Network, originally formed as the National Network of Commercial Real Estate Women in 1989, was formed by merging two organizations, CREW-National (Commercial Real Estate Women-National) and WICRE - National Network (Women in Commercial Real Estate - National Network). Women’s History Month, started as Women’s History week in 1982, became Women’s History Month in 1987. What energy and excitement that must have been swirling in the 80’s at the time of coming together, women and men, to celebrate the contributions of women and to assure their professional success through CREW.  

The commitment to assuring a place for women at the commercial real estate (CRE) table continues to be a focus of CREW Network and CREW Greater Philadelphia. Through CREW Network Foundation, we have continued to bring cutting edge research on the growth of women in CRE. We showcased that most recent study, CREW 2020 Benchmark Study: Gender and Diversity in Commercial Real Estate, last month. The recording of the event and the study are worth reviewing. We will have a follow up session on April 27, 2021: 2020 CREW Network Benchmark Survey – Part 2: You’ve Seen the Data, Now What? to begin to leverage the studies findings into action points that we can all take individually and/or collectively.

Speaking recently with a woman whose career was rising in the 80’s, she told me that “we thought if we pushed back then, the fight would be done”. Reflecting now, she sees hope, but knows the fight continues. I hope that you each take the opportunity to reflect on the commitment and courage of our CREW Greater Philadelphia founders as well as the founders of CREW Network. Their selfless dedication to assuring the advancement of women in CRE is the work that we continue to do. 

Carol Horne Penn
2021 CREW Greater Philadelphia President

P.S. CREW Network's Benchmark Study is funded by generous contributions from CREW members and corporate sponsors. Our donations are critical because they advance why CREW Network was founded. They provide scholarships for women interested in pursuing careers in CRE, exposure to high school students with no clue what a CRE is and conduct critical research regarding the advancement of women in CRE. Our chapter has set a goal of having at least 50% of our chapter members donate to CREW Network Foundation to continue this most critical work. Please consider supporting our goal and foundation though this link.