Member Spotlight- Kathleen Fahy

September 10, 2019

Congratulations to Kathy Fahy for her recent promotion to Director of Business Development at Irwin & Leighton!

Kathleen Fahy

Title: Director of Business Development
Company: Irwin & Leighton, Inc.
Years in Commercial RE: 20+

Are you a Philadelphia native?
Yes! I was actually born in the East Oak Lane section of Philadelphia, but I have lived in Lancaster, PA and Ocean City, NJ over the years. However, I ended up back in Philadelphia when I was done college. After a few years in the suburbs, I am back where I belong, I’m definitely a “City Girl” at heart.

Favorite part of CREW, or why did you join?
I joined CREW Philadelphia in 2012 in order to network with other women that were in the real estate industry. I knew it was going to be time for me to make a career change over the next few years, but I wanted to stay close to real estate. I have met many wonderful people through my CREW relationships and it has helped me to move forward in my new industry.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I am a huge ‘project’ person. I always have to have a little something to keep my imagination going. This usually means some sort of home improvement type project, remodeling the yard or the balcony or painting the rooms in the house. I spent the last year renovating a condo in Ocean City, NJ, so I am now searching for my next thing. In the meanwhile, I will continue to travel and play a little golf.

What does a typical day on the job look like?
One of the things I love about my position in Business Development is the varied nature of every day of the week. Some time is spent in the office connecting and strategizing with the I&L team. However, a majority of my time is spent meeting with customers and industry colleagues as well as attending conferences and networking events. Each day is a little different and somewhere in there, I find time to do catch up on emails and follow up with prospective clients.

Who do you most admire?
One of the biggest influences in my professional career has been my Dad. I am the first born daughter and was definitely a Daddy’s girl growing up. I followed my Dad into the real estate world and learned so much from him over the years – I still learn more every day. Although he has been retired for a number of years now, he still loves to hear about my day and still offers advice and opinions. I always glean a little bit more good info from him!

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