2021 Impact Award Winners:

While many in the Chapter and in the industry made a difference, our 2021 award winners consistently delivered excellence while exemplifying our Chapter's mission of educating, supporting, and advancing women in commercial real estate. Thank you for your dedication to CREW Greater Philadelphia.

  • Catalyst Award – Clayton “Mitch” Mitchell, Jefferson University
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit – Marya Liebezeit
  • Member to Member – Stacey Boston & Kathy Fahy
  • Rising Star – Heather Schwemlein
  • Sue Welch Career Advancement – Rebecca Udell
  • 2021 Committee MVPs
    • Communications - Beth Slanker
    • Events - Kim Hamilton 
    • Corporate Engagement - Rosemary Loverdi
    • Outreach - Rebecca Udell
    • Membership - Anne Klein 

CREW Greater Philadelphia Chapter Awards categories changed in 2021.


A member who works tirelessly to promote the mission of the local Chapter and has made significant contributions or is actively involved with CREW Network.

2020 Award Winner, Laura McLaine
2019 Award Winner, Donna Volpone
2018 Award Winner, Kristin Reese


A new member who has become involved and made significant contributions to the Chapter throughout the year.

2020 Award Winner, Marya Liebezeit
2019 Award Winner, Susan Jansen
2018 Award Winner, Marinela Abele


A long-time member who contributes to stay active and makes contributions to the Chapter and the real estate community.

2020 Award Winner, Rosemary Loverdi
2019 Award Winner, Kathy Fahy
2018 Award Winner, Stephanie J. Sprenkle


A member who has put into practice the networking objectives of the Chapter and consistently demonstrates commitment to marshal CREW talent, resulting in measurable business for other CREW members.

2020 Award Winner, Sara Anderson
2019 Award Winner, Rosemary Loverdi
2018 Award Winner, Jessica Thornton


This award embodies the personal qualities of Sue Welch who will always be remembered as a real champion of CREW Greater Philadelphia, a master networker, a teacher, and a mentor. Sue’s boundless energy, enthusiasm, motivation, and keen sense of humor were her key attributes. Sue worked tirelessly to advance the careers of women by giving them the skills and confidence to pursue and succeed in their new opportunities.

2020 Award Winner, Janet Nitka
2019 Award Winner, Dina Miller
2018 Award Winner, Sue Taylor


A company that has provided significant support to the Chapter over the past year.

2019 Award Winner, Brandywine Realty Trust
2018 Award Winner, Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP


A project completed within the past three years that had a measurable economic impact resulting from the nominated project within the Greater Philadelphia region. 75% of the project team are located within the Greater Philadelphia Region and 25% of project team support CREW Greater Philadelphia membership of one or more employees or sponsorship.

2020 Award Winner, AmeriHealth Caritas at Ellis Preserve
Bala Engineers – Tonya Katko
Equus Capital Partners – Lynn McDowell
Haworth – Stacey Boston
TransAmerican – Laurel Logan
Francis Kauffman – Tess Bousquet
Watchdog – AnneMarie Fontaine
2019 Award Winner, The Dane Apartments (Dilworth Paxson LLP, Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP, Fulton Bank, Univest Bank, Winthrop & Weinstine P.A.)

2018 Award Winner, Linode Relocation (C. Erickson & Sons, Inc., Ballinger, Dawood Engineering, Inc., The Lighting Practice)


A member who has made a significant impact on the success of one of the five standing committees: Communications, Corporate Engagement, Events, Membership and Outreach. The recipient of this award will be selected by each Committee Chair with the consensus of their committee.

2020 Award Winners:
Communications – Elizabeth McCardle
Corporate Engagement – Heather Schwemlein
Events – Kim Hamilton and Emma Fox
Membership – Dee Dee DeAscanis
Outreach – Janet Nitka

2019 Award Winners:
Communications – Laura McLaine
Corporate Engagement – Linda Plesic
Events – Joanna DeSalvo
Membership – Tricia Monsell
Outreach – Rebecca Udell

2018 Award Winners:
Communications – Ellie Trovato
Corporate Engagement – Peggy Gallagher
Events – Joanna DeSalvo
Membership – Janet Helms
Outreach – Sue Taylor